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In vivo and in vitro activity of neutrophil alkaline phosphatase in acute myelocytic leukemia with 8;21 translocation.

Cytogenetic studies were made on 160 patients with acute nonlymphocytic leukemia (ANLL) between 1963 and 1979, of whom 115 had acute myelocytic leukemia with 67 patients showing aneuploidy (58.3%). Among these, 24 patients were found to have similar chromosome alterations that appeared to involve specifically chromosomes 8 and 21. Banding studies on at least 7 of these patients confirmed the presence of a translocation between these two chromosomes. Of 160 ANLL patients, 142 were scored for neutrophil alkaline phosphatase (neutrophil AP) at the time of diagnosis. Fifty-nine patients showed a low neutrophil AP score, 42 a normal value, and 41 a high value. All patients with 8;21 (or C/G) translocation had a low neutrophil AP score and leukemic cells with maturation (M2 of FAB classification) in the bone marrow. In vitro liquid culture for 2 wk of 8;21 translocated leukemic cells revealed no increase of neutrophil AP activity nor increase of mature granulocytes, whereas 9;22 translocated chronic myelocytic leukemia cells with a low neutrophil AP score did so. Neutrophil AP score at the time of diagnosis in acute myelocytic leukemia is very useful for detecting 8;21 translocation AML and for studying the pathophysiology and genetic alterations of the characteristic subgroup of AML with 8'21 translocation.[1]


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