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Gene for glutathione S-transferase-1 (GST1) is on human chromosome 11.

The glutathione S-transferases (GST) are a group of related enzymes that can detoxify potentially carcinogenic electrophiles by conjugating them with reduced glutathione (GSH). The chromosomal location of one of the enzyme forms, GST1, reported recently to be polymorphic, was determined utilizing man-mouse somatic cell hybrids segregating human chromosomes. The expression of GST1 by hybrid clones was compared with that of 34 enzyme markers representing 23 chromosomes, and karyotypes of selected cell hybrids were analyzed. The evidence indicated that GST1 is assigned to chromosome 11 in humans. Utilizing and X/11 translocation segregating in hybrids, GST1 was localized to the p13 leads to qter region of chromosome 11.[1]


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