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Pathology of experimental erysipelas in turkeys.

Gross and histopathologic lesions were studied in 10 Broad-Breasted White turkeys with acute erysipelas induced experimentally. The gross pathologic features of the disease conformed very closely with descriptions in the literature (7). Histopathologic evaluation was concentrated on the inoculation site (skin), proventriculus, ileocecal area of the intestine, liver, spleen, kidney, lung, and heart. In all organs examined the dominant histopathologic alteration was vascular damage as evidenced by: generalized congestion, edema, focal hemorrhage, disseminated fibrin thrombi, and numerous bacterial aggregates either within fibrin thrombi or engulfed by cells of the reticuloendothelial system. Degenerative changes or overt necrosis of parenchymal cells were evident in liver, spleen, and kidney. The cellular inflammatory component of acute lesions was minimal. Heterophil and mononuclear leukocytic infiltrates were observed in scarified skin and, in turkeys surviving several days, in livers and hearts.[1]


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