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Associations of Proventriculus with chemical compounds

  • The 5-HT fibers, located in the proventriculus and midgut, were visualized immunocytochemically by using a monoclonal antibody against 5-HT [14].
  • This effect is specific to 5-HT fibers, since glutamate-like and FMRFamide-like immunoreactive fibers of the proventriculus and midgut remain unaffected in the mutant [14].
  • When the probiotic strain was dosed by oral gavage together with S. enteritidis C-114 directly into the proventriculus in 1-day-old Leghorn chickens, the pathogen was completely removed from the birds after 21 days [15].
  • The ethanol was rapidly absorbed into blood and decreased responding within 15 min after intubation to the opening of the proventriculus [16].
  • These results indicate that NO synthase inhibition potentiates the contractile response of ch-MT, EFS and DMPP in the chicken proventriculus through reduction of endogenous NO-mediated presynaptic inhibition on neural ACh release [17].

Gene context of Proventriculus

  • To provide basic data to analyze function of FGFs in the developing gut, here we cloned Fgf7 and studied expression patterns of Fgf7, Fgf10 and Fgfr1-4 during the development of chicken stomach (glandular stomach; proventriculus and muscular stomach; gizzard) [18].
  • Embryonic chicken pepsinogen is an aspartyl proteinase that is specifically secreted during the embryonic period in the chicken proventriculus (glandular stomach) [19].
  • The result of in situ hybridization with the proventriculus (glandular stomach) of different developmental stages showed that GK-19 expression disappeared specifically in the glandular epithelium from day 6 to day 9 of incubation [20].
  • We demonstrate that the activation of the Notch receptor occurs in two rows of boundary cells in the proventriculus primordium [7].
  • Investigations on the interactions between LP and proteoglycans from skin and proventriculus demonstrate that LP can enhance the binding of proteoglycans from these tissues to HA [21].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Proventriculus


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