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Cytokinetic and cytogenetic effects of some agricultural chemicals on human lymphoid cells in vitro: organophosphates.

In the present study, cytotoxic, cytostatic and cytogenetic effects of a number of organophosphate pesticides on human lymphoid cells (LAZ-007) in culture have been examined. Cytotoxic effects were dose related and often led to extensive cell kill. The pronounced effects of various organophosphates on the cell-cycle traverse were shown in data based on the enumeration of M1 and M3 metaphases after incubation of cells with BrdU. In cells incubated with 20 micrograms/ml of the various chemicals, the number of M1 metaphases ranged from 6% (R-1303) to 18% (Azodrin) compared to no M1 metaphases in control cultures. The number of M3s in cultures treated with 20 micrograms/ml of the various chemicals tested varied from 0% (Phosdrin) to 7% (parathion) as compared to 17% in control cultures. 11 out of the 14 organophosphates tested, significantly increased the SCE frequency. Of the 9 chemicals tested after metabolic activation by liver microsomal S9 preparation, significant increases in SCE frequency were seen in diazinon-, dimethoate-, Dursban- and Phosdrin-treated cells.[1]


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