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Relation between liquid-holding recovery, DNA repair, and mitotic recombination in the rad3 mutant of Saccharomyces cerevisiae after treatment with diepoxybutane (DEB).

The rad3 mutant is characterized by a high level of liquid-holding recovery after DEB treatment. The recovery is abolished when the treated cells are postincubated in growth medium, but the effect can be cancelled by suppression of DNA and protein synthesis by specific inhibitors. Alkaline sucrose gradient sedimentation revealed that DEB induces single strand breaks in DNA which are not repaired during post-treatment incubation in growth medium or during LH. Effective repair takes place only when LH is followed by incubation in growth medium. Split-dose treatment applied to test the possible inducibility of repair by LH did not confirm this presumption. In a diploid homozygous for rad3 mutation, DEB induces mitotic inter- and intragenic recombination with very high frequency. Liquid-holding recovery (LHR) was found to be accompanied by an increase in molecular weight of DNA and by a sharp decrease in the frequency of mitotic recombination. The data suggest that recombination events are not involved in LHR pathway.[1]


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