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Prometaphase banding of human chromosomes with basic fuchsin.

A technique is described for the production of detailed and richly contrasting G-band patterns in human prometaphase chromosomes with the aid of the triphenylmethane dye basic fuchsin. The usefulness of this method is illustrated by its application for the precise analysis of two chromosome 11 rearrangements. It is also demonstrated that high-resolution banding with basic fuchsin can reveal bands not present in the international standard idiogram of human prophase chromosomes (ISCN 1981). The technique described can also be used for easy recognition of the late replicating X chromosome, which stains darker than its early replicating homologue. A preliminary analysis of the late replicating X chromosomes in a 49,XXXXY individual suggests that the three supernumerary X chromosomes do not necessarily replicate synchronously.[1]


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