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Radiation effects of iridium-192 implants in the cat brain.

The radiation effects of 192Ir permanent implants into the cat brain were studied with respect to morphological changes, blood flow, brain water and electrolytes. 192Ir wires (10 animals) and non-radioactive silver wires (5 control animals) were placed stereotactically into the left internal capsule. Activity of 192Ir was 0.31 mCi, and accumulated dose at 5 mm distance was 3060 rad after 21 days and 4680 rad after 35 days, respectively. None of the animals presented a neurological deficit, and the EEG recording was without significant changes. Histological damage which could be attributed to the radiation was not observed. Serum proteins, however, were detected immunohistochemically in reactive astrocytes (3x), in macrophages (2x) and as diffuse perivascular accumulation. Brain water in the white matter near the implantation site increased from 68.6 to 73.2%, corresponding to a volume increase of about 17%. There was no change in the grey matter or the opposite hemisphere. Cerebral blood flow decreased slightly but there was no relationship with the development of edema. The findings suggest that low dose rate topical irradiation of the brain produces primarily membrane dependent changes, resulting in local brain edema.[1]


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