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Aqueous humour and plasma cortisol levels in glaucoma and cataract patients.

By means of radioimmunoassay, the content of endogenous cortisol in the aqueous humour and plasma of 35 patients suffering from various types of glaucomas and 35 cataract patients was determined, and the ratio of the plasma to the aqueous humour cortisol levels was calculated. The highest cortisol level in both plasma and aqueous humour was found to occur in patients with open-angle glaucoma suffering at the same time from systemic hypertension. The lowest plasma to aqueous humour cortisol ratio was found in patients with secondary glaucoma treated with steroids. In woman suffering from open-angle glaucoma, the rising cortisol level in plasma with age contrasted to the decreasing cortisol level in aqueous humour. The authors suggest that there is an active interference with homeostatic mechanisms responsible for ensuring the stability of the eye inner milieu and a certain protection of the trabecular meshwork of the angle of the anterior eye chamber against noxious effects of the endogenous cortisol.[1]


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