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Effect of hormonal steroids on lactate dehydrogenase activity and its isozymes in the coagulating gland of castrated male rats.

The effect of castration and treatment with testosterone propionate, androstenedione and oestradiol-17 beta on the coagulating gland LDH activity and its isozymes were studied. Castration reduced the total LDH activity and administration of testosterone propionate alone was able to restore it back to sham operated control levels. Regarding LDH isozymes, the LDH3 and LDH4 responded very similarly to testosterone and oestradiol. LDH5 was significantly increased only in the androgen treated groups. The post-castration decrease in total M-subunits was restored to sham operated control levels in the testosterone propionate treated group. This was mainly contributed by the LDH3, LDH4 and LDH5 isozymes. The changes observed due to testosterone propionate and androstenedione treatments have been attributed to the rejuvenation of tissue from the castration induced losses. The oestradiol induced events have been associated with the growth of fibro muscular layers observed under similar experimental conditions.[1]


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