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Pressure-anesthetic antagonism on the phase separation of non-ionic surfactant micelles.

An aqueous solution of non-ionic surfactants becomes suddenly turbid when heated to a critical temperature, known as the cloud point, and concomitantly expands the volume. The volume expansion is caused by release of structured water molecules from the hydrophilic polyoxyethyelene moieties. Inhalation anesthetics decreased the cloud-point temperature of hexaoxyethylene dodecyl ether micelles. The concentrations of methoxyflurane, halothane and enflurane causing a 1 degree C depression of the cloud-point temperature were 0.51, 0.71 and 0.78 mmolal, respectively. Hydrostatic pressure increased the cloud-point temperature in the absence and presence of the anesthetics. The change of the apparent molal volume at the cloud point was estimated to be 2.2 cm3/ mol in the absence of anesthetics. This value decreased in the presence of the anesthetics, dose dependently. The results indicate that the anesthetics favor dehydration of the hydrophilic surface of the non-ionic surfactant micelles.[1]


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