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Chemical Compound Review

Anecotan     2,2-dichloro-1,1-difluoro-1- methoxy-ethane

Synonyms: Metofane, Pentrane, Analgizer, Ingalan, Inhalan, ...
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Disease relevance of methoxyflurane


Psychiatry related information on methoxyflurane


High impact information on methoxyflurane

  • Inhalation anesthesia with ether or methoxyflurane was accomplished with a closed recirculatory system that allowed a short induction time for anesthesia and a good control over the concentration of anesthetic [1].
  • Survival rates during the 10 weekly instillations were least for the Brevital-treated group and greatest for the methoxyflurane-treated group [1].
  • The gerbils were treated with either saline vehicle or 10 mg/kg i.p. of one of the test drugs 30 minutes before and again 2 hours after a 10-minute period of bilateral carotid artery occlusion or sham occlusion under light methoxyflurane anesthesia [9].
  • The effects of seven anesthetics (thiopentone, 50 mg/kg ip; pentobarbitone, 50 mg/kg ip; chloral hydrate, 300 mg/kg ip; urethane, 1,5 g/kg, 1/2ip, 1/2sc; ether; methoxyflurane, 1,5%; halothane, 2%) on basal serum TSH concentrations and on the cold-induced as well as the TRH-induced TSH responses were studied in Sprague-Dawley rats [10].
  • 2. When ether or methoxyflurane was added to the gas stream that superfused the surface of the preparations, the population e.p.s.p.s. and population spikes were depressed at lower concentrations than those required to depress the compound action potential of the afferent fibres [11].

Chemical compound and disease context of methoxyflurane


Biological context of methoxyflurane


Anatomical context of methoxyflurane


Associations of methoxyflurane with other chemical compounds


Gene context of methoxyflurane

  • P450 2E1 is the principal, but not exclusive enzyme responsible for the metabolism of methoxyflurane, which also appears to be catalyzed by P450s 1A2, 2C9/10, and 2D6 [29].
  • Obligatory role of cytochrome b5 in the microsomal metabolism of methoxyflurane [30].
  • The EC50 concentration for 5-HT decreased from 1.86 +/- 0.02 microM to 1.07 +/- 0.11 microM (means +/- s.e.mean) due to the presence of 1 MAC (270 microM) methoxyflurane [31].
  • The mutant proteins have been expressed in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, purified and assayed for their ability to support the cytochrome P450-catalyzed metabolism of the cytochrome b5 requiring substrate methoxyflurane (G. Vergères and L. Waskell, 1992, J. Biol. Chem. 267, 12583-12591) [32].
  • The mutant protein receives electrons from NADPH cytochrome P450 reductase and provides the second electron to cytochrome P450 to catalyze the metabolism of methoxyflurane, a substrate which requires cytochrome b5 for its metabolism, at the same rate as the wild type protein [33].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of methoxyflurane


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