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Isolation of cDNAs for perilipins A and B: sequence and expression of lipid droplet-associated proteins of adipocytes.

The major cAMP-dependent protein kinase ( A-kinase) substrate in adipocytes is perilipin, a protein found exclusively at the surface of the lipid storage droplets. Using anti-perilipin serum, we have isolated two related classes of full-length coding cDNAs, designated perilipin A and B, from a rat adipocyte cDNA expression library. The two cDNAs derive from two mRNA species that arise by differential splicing. The mRNAs are predicted to encode perilipins A and B, proteins of 517 aa (56,870 Da) and 422 aa (46,420 Da), respectively, which share a common 406-aa N-terminal sequence. The predicted perilipin A contains peptides present in proteolytic digests of the purified 62-kDa form of perilipin from rat adipocytes, as well as the requisite consensus A-kinase phosphorylation sites. Like perilipin A, the B form is expressed in adipocytes and is associated with lipid storage droplets. Modeling of predicted secondary structures fails to reveal an underlying basis for the tenacious association of perilipins with lipid droplets. These proteins exhibit a significant sequence relationship (approximately 65% similarity through 105 aa) with only one other known protein, the adipocyte differentiation-related protein (ADRP). Like the perilipins, ADRP appears to be adipocyte-specific, which suggests that they interact in a related intracellular pathway. The molecular probes for perilipins A and B described here will permit detailed analyses of their functional role(s) in lipid metabolism.[1]


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