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Gene Review

Plin2  -  perilipin 2

Mus musculus

Synonyms: AA407157, ADPH, ADRP, Adfp, Adipophilin, ...
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Disease relevance of Adfp


High impact information on Adfp


Chemical compound and disease context of Adfp

  • In the present paper, the murine ADRP has been expressed as a recombinant histidine-tagged protein in Escherichia coli, and purified from expressing cultures in order to examine its biochemical properties [4].

Biological context of Adfp


Anatomical context of Adfp

  • Given that lipid droplets are thought to form from the outer leaflet of the microsomal membrane, the reduction of TG in the cytosol with concomitant accumulation of TG in the microsome of Adfp-/- cells suggests that ADFP may facilitate the formation of new LDs [2].
  • ADRP, proposed to regulate fatty acid mobilization and lipid droplet formation, is linked to lipid accumulation in foam cells of human atherosclerotic lesions [14].
  • In this report, we show that ADRP protein accumulates in Chinese hamster ovary fibroblastic cells cultured in the presence of oleic acid but is destabilized when fatty acid sources are removed from culture serum [14].
  • This finding was confirmed at the protein level by Western blotting, and immunohistochemistry localized ADRP diffusely to tubular epithelium throughout the cortex [11].
  • ADRP stimulates lipid accumulation and lipid droplet formation in murine fibroblasts [15].

Associations of Adfp with chemical compounds

  • Overexpressed GFP-ADRP were mainly located at the surface of lipid droplets and appeared to be "ring-shaped." Triacylglycerol content was also significantly (P < 0.001) increased in GFP-ADRP-overexpressed cells compared with control cells [15].
  • Expression and localization of adipophilin and perilipin in human fetal membranes: association with lipid bodies and enzymes involved in prostaglandin synthesis [12].
  • The present study showed that the GDP-bound ARF1 induces dissociation of ADRP from the LD surface, and that LD is a target of BFA action [16].
  • Displacement studies showed differential binding affinity of ADRP for cholesterol and fatty acids [17].
  • The oleate uptake measured at 4 degrees C was only 10% that at 37 degrees C. ADRP also stimulated uptake of palmitate and arachidonate but had no effect on uptake of medium chain fatty acid such as octanoic acid and glucose [18].

Regulatory relationships of Adfp


Other interactions of Adfp


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Adfp


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