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Inhibition of rat mast cell protease 1 by vitronectin.

Rat mast cell protease 1 (RMCP-1) is a chymotrypsin-like serine protease specifically expressed by connective tissue-type mast cells. The enzyme is stored in the secretory granules in a macromolecular complex with heparin proteoglycan. In the present investigation it was shown that RMCP-1 is inhibited by vitronectin ( VN), an RGD-containing adhesive glycoprotein with heparin-binding properties. RMCP-1 that had been separated from heparin proteoglycan was less susceptible to inhibition than RMCP-1 present in complex with heparin proteoglycan. Pre-incubation of VN with purified heparin partially blocked the RMCP-1 inhibiting activity of VN. Plasma VN had negligible RMCP-1-inhibiting activity. However, heat treatment of plasma VN, which is known to expose the heparin-binding domain, induced RMCP-1-inhibiting activity. Affinity chromatography on immobilized VN showed that RMCP-1 bound with high affinity to VN. The binding of RMCP-1 to VN was not heparin-dependent since free RMCP-1 bound with equal affinity to the immobilized VN as RMCP-1 present in complex with heparin. The inhibition of RMCP-1 by VN was shown to be reversible.[1]


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