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A comparative study of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis in Lewis and DA rats.

We compared the T cell responses of Lewis (LEW) and DA rats to guinea pig myelin basic protein (MBP), the synthetic peptides corresponding to the epitopes that are encephalitogenic in the LEW strain (MBP73-86, MBP68-86, and MBP87-99), and bovine proteolipid protein (PLP). DA and LEW rats were susceptible to experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) induced with MBP or MBP68-86, but the peptide was less active in DA rats than in intact MBP molecule. MBP73-86 and MBP87-99 induced EAE in LEW rats but not in the DA strain. MBP89-169 was also encephalitogenic in DA rats. Encephalitogenic CDa+ T cell lines and clones derived from MBP-sensitized DA rats secreted IFN-gamma and TNF-alpha and proliferated to MBP and MBP89-169, but not to MBP68-88. However, T cells from MBP68-86-sensitized DA or LEW rats proliferated specifically in an I-A-restricted response to MBP68-86. T cells from MBP87-99-immunized LEW rats responded to MBP87-99 in the context of I-E, whereas the peptide-specific response of MBP87-99 immunized DA rats was I-A-restricted, although FACScan analysis indicated that DA rats express both I-A and I-E. DA rats were also highly susceptible to EAE induced with PLP; 0.6 nmol was Encephalitogenic for DA rats, but did not induce clinical EAE in LEW rats. Although both DA and LEW rats are highly susceptible to EAE, we demonstrate marked differences in the array of myelin epitopes capable of inducing the disease, as well as the MHC restriction of these epitopes, between the two rat strains.[1]


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