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Gene Review

Mbp  -  myelin basic protein

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: MBP, Myelin basic protein
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Disease relevance of Mbp


Psychiatry related information on Mbp

  • If similar inappropriate excitations are also triggered by those immunogens specifically associated with Alzheimer's disease (beta-amyloid), AIDS dementia (gp120 and gp41), or multiple sclerosis (myelin basic protein), they might explain some of the acute, transient neurological and psychiatric symptoms associated with these disorders [6].

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Chemical compound and disease context of Mbp


Biological context of Mbp


Anatomical context of Mbp


Associations of Mbp with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of Mbp


Enzymatic interactions of Mbp

  • The activation of ERK2 was determined by immunoblotting and measurement of the activity in terms of the phosphorylating activity of immunoprecipitates with MAPK antibody on myelin basic protein [24].
  • In the present study, immunoprecipitates of Trk NGF receptors from PC12 cells (+/- NGF treatment) were assayed for protein kinase activity by using the substrates myelin basic protein and histone HF1 under phosphorylating conditions optimal for protein kinase N and in the presence or absence of purine analogs [25].

Regulatory relationships of Mbp


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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Mbp


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