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Detection of sequence variants in the gene encoding the beta 3 chain of laminin 5 (LAMB3).

Laminin 5, a candidate gene/protein system for mutations in the junctional forms of epidermolysis bullosa (JEB), consists of three polypeptides encoded by the LAMA3, LAMB3, and LAMC2 genes. In this study, primer pairs for the amplification of the complete cDNA as well as 22 exons of the LAMB3 gene encoding the entire beta 3 chain of laminin 5, were established. The primers for amplification of individual exons from genomic DNA were placed at least 50 bp away from the exon-intron borders in the flanking intronic sequences. For amplification of cDNA generated by RT-PCR, eight primer pairs covering overlapping segments of mRNA were used. The amplified sequences were used to study sequence variations of the LAMB3 gene in patients with JEB and unrelated individuals using heteroduplex analysis. Nine out of 13 JEB patients examined showed heteroduplexes in at least one of the PCR products, indicating the existence of two variable alleles in their DNA. Sequence analyses revealed putative pathogenetic mutations in seven of the JEB patients, while four of the heteroduplexes resulted from polymorphisms, reflecting a single basepair substitution. The results demonstrate that this method is useful in the detection of JEB mutations, as well as polymorphisms in the LAMB3 gene.[1]


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