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Gene Review

LAMB3  -  laminin, beta 3

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: BM600-125KDA, BM600-125kDa, Epiligrin subunit bata, Kalinin B1 chain, Kalinin subunit beta, ...
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Disease relevance of LAMB3


High impact information on LAMB3


Biological context of LAMB3


Anatomical context of LAMB3


Regulatory relationships of LAMB3


Other interactions of LAMB3

  • Collectively, five mutations appeared to be frequent in laminin-5 JEB patients: R635X, 29insC, E210K, W143X in LAMB3 and R95X in LAMC2 [10].
  • Comparison of the LAMB3 gene structure with the previously characterized LAMB1 gene revealed that LAMB3 was considerably more compact [17].
  • PTGFR, and LAMB3 localized at both ends of the HSA1 region were assigned to SSC6 and SSC9, respectively, which is consistent with regional correspondence reported earlier [18].
  • The index patient was compound heterozygous for the COL17A1 mutations L855X and R1226X and was heterozygous for the LAMB3 mutation R635X [7].
  • Reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction analysis suggested skipping of exon 19 in LAMB3 mRNA produced from the allele with 2702-29del94 and impaired stability of the aberrant mRNA transcribed from the second allele with the 1977-2A-->G mutation [19].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of LAMB3


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