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CDH: preliminary report on a new anterior spinal instrumentation.

CDH (Cotrel-Dubousset-Hopf) instrumentation was developed with the aim of improving stability in ventral operation procedure and facilitating treatment of all anterior spinal diseases. The implantation of anterior plates and drawers, the use of a double-rod fixation within the implant in nonparallel directions, which provide an automatic locking mechanism against displacement, the prevention of dislocation of the cancellous bone srews, and the crosslink principle are its main characteristics. The device can be applied to the spine in accordance with its three-dimensional anatomy by any kind of force (distraction, compression, and rotation). Additional posterior instrumentation and postoperative external support are unnecessary in most cases because of improved stability. No reoperation was necessary following the mono- and multisegmental application of this method in 60 patients (28 with scoliosis, 12 with spondylodiscitis, 8 with primary tumors or isolated metastasis, 6 with fractures, 3 with failed back syndrome, 1 with kyphotic deformity, 1 with spondylolisthesis on two levels, and 1 with loss of correction after the dislocation of another posterior spinal instrumentation). Average blood loss was 950 ml; the average operating time was 3 h. In all, 16 monosegmental and 44 multisegmental procedures were carried out. In 25 patients, in particular those with paralytic scoliosis, a double-stage anterior and posterior spondylodesis was done.[1]


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