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Skin cancer. Recognition and treatment.

There is a worldwide increasing incidence of all forms of skin cancer among Whites as a result of increased sun exposure. Basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas, the most common tumours of the head and neck, are relatively benign neoplasms of elderly individuals. Malignant melanoma, however, has the potential for early metastasis and may occur in early adult life. The increase in malignant melanoma is particularly disturbing, and is a clear indication for skin screening clinics. Although surgical excision is the primary treatment of choice for skin tumours, various drugs may be of therapeutic value. Fluorouracil cream is a useful treatment for solar keratoses. Retinoids are particularly suitable for patients with large numbers of nonmelanoma skin cancer lesions and solar keratoses. For malignant melanoma, arterial limb perfusion with high concentrations of cytotoxic drugs may be performed both as an adjunctive and therapeutic manoeuvre. Treatment of metastatic melanoma with cytotoxic agents is associated with low response rates and high toxicity. However, trials with combined interferon-alpha, interleukin-2 and cytostatic drugs have produced promising preliminary results.[1]


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