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Suppression of a conditional mutation in alpha-tubulin by overexpression of two checkpoint genes.

To identify proteins that regulate microtubule assembly in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, we screened for multicopy suppressors of a conditional mutation in alpha-tubulin. Cells expressing the recessive allele tub1-729 as their sole alpha-tubulin gene grow normally at permissive temperature. However, at 15 degrees C the cells lose viability and arrest primarily with large buds and quantitatively diminished microtubule structures. Transformation of mutant cells with genomic libraries repeatedly identified three different suppressors: the two wild-type alpha-tubulin genes, TUB1 and TUB3; and BUB3. BUB3 is a checkpoint gene that permits entry into mitosis depending upon the assembly state of microtubules. Excess BUB3 rescues both the loss of viability and microtubule defects but not the benomyl supersensitivity associated with tub1-729. The suppression is specific for the mutation ALA422VAL in TUB1, and does not affect several other mutations in TUB1 that produce the 'no microtubule' phenotype. Overexpression of BUB1, which interacts genetically with BUB3 and which is involved in the same checkpoint pathway, also rescues the cold sensitivity of tub1-729, but another checkpoint gene, MAD2, does not. Overexpression of BUB3 in wild-type cells has no detectable growth or microtubule defect, but disruption of the BUB3 gene produces slow growth and benomyl supersensitivity. Our results suggest that BUB1 and BUB3 overexpression modulate an event required for mitotic spindle function which is rate limiting for tub1-729 cells at the restrictive temperature.[1]


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