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Evaluation of serum specific IgE and skin responsiveness to allergenic extracts of Oleaceae pollens (Olea europaea, Fraxinus excelsior and Ligustrum vulgare) "in patients with respiratory allergy.

In the last few years an increasing interest for Olea europaea (O.e.) pollen has been developed in many countries. Several authors have studied the aerobiological, allergenic, epidemiological and clinical features of this pollinosis. The aim of our study was to evaluate cutaenous and serological responses to other oleaceae pollens allergens (Ligustrum vulgare (L.v.) and Fraxinus excelsior (F.e.) in patients with skin positivity to Olea europaea pollen extract. Twenty-three atopic rhinitis and/or asthmatic patients living in Naples area and with immediate positive skin reaction only to O.e. pollen extract were examined. Patients were tested by skin prick test (SPT) for O.e., F.e. and L.v. with glycerinated allergenic extracts. Serum enzyme immunoassay for the same allergens was also performed. We found a statistically significant correlation between the results of SPT and of specific IgE assay for Oleaceae pollens as well as between the results of the in vivo vs in vitro tests. We suggests the utility, in patients with O.e. pollinosis who travel in Northern europe, to plan SPT and/or specific IgE determinations also with F.e. and L.v. allergenic extracts for the possibility of developing a nasal and/or bronchial symptomatology after the inhalation of these pollen grains.[1]


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