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High impact information on Ligustrum


Associations of Ligustrum with chemical compounds

  • The contents of salidroside and specnuezhenide in the fruits of Ligustrum lucidum Ait and two traditional Chinese patent medicines in which this crude drug was an important component, Erzhi Pills and Anshenbuxin Pills, were determined [5].
  • Identification and quantification of flavonol glycosides and secoiridoids was carried out on leaves of Ligustrum vulgare L [6].
  • Two new phenylethanoid glycosides, lipedosides A-I and A-II as well as six new monoterpene glycosides, lipedosides B-I-B-VI were isolated together with three known constituents, osmanthuside B, anatolioside and linalool from Ligustrum pedunculare [7].
  • Two secoiridoid glucosides, lucidumosides A and B, as well as six known glucosides, oleoside dimethyl ester, ligustroside, oleuropein, nuezhenide, isonuezhenide, and neonuezhenide, were isolated from the fruits of Ligustrum lucidum [8].
  • In this paper, capillary zone electrophoresis with amperometric detection was firstly applied to indirectly determine the composition of Chinese ligustrum lucidum polysaccharide (LLPS) by analyzing its hydrolyzates: fucose, glucose, arabinose and rhamnose [3].

Gene context of Ligustrum

  • For privet pollen, the highest recognition frequencies were for allergens of mol. wts approximately 20, approximately 19, approximately 40 and approximately 70 kD [9].
  • The fruits of Ligustrum lucidum Ait [10].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Ligustrum


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