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A novel tenascin type III repeat is part of a complex of tenascin mRNA alternative splices.

Sequence analysis of two human tenascin encoding cDNA clones from a cDNA library of the U251 glioblastoma cell line revealed the presence of a novel 276 bp tenascin type III fibronectin like repeat. This alternatively spliced type III repeat designated AD1 is located between the previously identified repeats 10 and 11 and has sequence homology with human, chicken and mouse tenascin type III repeats. These results show that tenascin has at least 16 consecutive fibronectin like type III repeats. PCR amplification of random primed mRNA with specific type III repeat primers revealed a pattern of multiple alternative splices of AD1 and flanking type III repeats. The alternative splice variants were confirmed by direct sequencing. Differences were observed in the expression of the various alternative splices of tenascin mRNA between tumor and normal cells and may thus indicate differences in tenascin isoform expression and function in normal and tumor cells. PCR and Southern analysis of genomic DNA indicate that AD1 is coded by a single exon present in both human and mouse genome.[1]


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