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Screening for active tuberculosis in HIV testing centre.

In industrialised nations HIV-seropositive individuals can be offered skin testing for tuberculosis (TB) and isoniazid prophylaxis, but this approach is neither practicable nor affordable in most developing countries. In Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, we offered skin testing and a brief clinical examination for active TB to people requesting HIV testing at one centre. 200 newly detected HIV-positive individuals and 200 age and sex-matched HIV-negative ones were compared. 39 (9.7%) of the 400 individuals seeking HIV testing had active TB; 29 were HIV positive and 10 were HIV negative (adjusted odds ratio 3.3, 95% CI 1.3-8.7; p = 0.01). In multivariate analysis, the strongest independent predictors of active TB were 10 mm or more of induration on skin testing, a history of chronic cough, lymphadenopathy, and HIV infection. Of the patients diagnosed with TB, 85% had one or more symptoms readily ascertainable in a brief screening questionnaire. Screening for TB at HIV-testing sites could be an effective approach to early detection of active TB among not just HIV-positive but also HIV-negative people. Integrating screening for TB into HIV testing schemes could help to reduce the spread of TB and allow patients with TB to be diagnosed and treated earlier.[1]


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