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Dominican Republic

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Disease relevance of Dominican Republic


High impact information on Dominican Republic

  • In this open, randomized trial conducted in the Dominican Republic, 61 patients received 50 mg/kg of ceftazidime intravenously every eight hours; 39 received ampicillin plus chloramphenicol in conventional dosages [4].
  • The PC-1 Q121 allele is exceptionally prevalent in the Dominican Republic and is associated with type 2 diabetes [5].
  • The diagnosis of 5 alpha-reductase deficiency in infancy is reported for the first time in three male pseudohermaphrodites from the Dominican Republic. Basal plasma testosterone to dihydrotestosterone ratios were significantly elevated in two of the three affected infants, and increased markedly in all three infants after administration of hCG [6].
  • We previously mapped an additional arRP locus to chromosome 6p21 (RP14) in a single extended kinship from the Dominican Republic. Aided by a second linked RP pedigree from the same region of the Dominican Republic, we have refined the disease locus to a 2-cM region that is homozygous-by-descent in both pedigrees [7].
  • Very virulent infectious bursal disease viruses (vvIBDVs) were detected in phenol inactivated bursal samples obtained from Brazil, the Dominican Republic, and Venezuela [8].

Biological context of Dominican Republic


Associations of Dominican Republic with chemical compounds


Gene context of Dominican Republic

  • Serum gastrin level in subjects > or = 70 years was higher than in other age groups in both sexes in the Dominican Republic (males, 92.5, females, 136.5 pg/ml) [1].
  • A cohort of 600 infants from the Dominican Republic were randomized to receive one of three regimens of the PRP-T vaccine at ages 2, 4, and 6 months: full doses (10 microg of PRP antigen), one-half doses (5.0 microg), and one-third doses (3.3 microg) (J. Fernandez et al., Am. J. Trop. Med. Hyg. 62:485-490, 2000) [13].
  • Participants were first generation immigrants from Mexico (n = 43), El Salvador (n = 3), Colombia (n = 1), the Dominican Republic (n = 1), and Honduras (n = 1) [14].
  • Fourteen 3-month-old Large White cross pigs were infected intramuscularly with the Dominican Republic 78 (DR78) ASF virus isolate and euthanized in pairs on alternatives days (3 to 17) post-inoculation (dpi) [15].
  • An examination of fertility trends in countries with multiple DHS surveys found that in the 1990s fertility stalled in midtransition in seven countries: Bangladesh, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Kenya, Peru, and Turkey [16].


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