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Developing Countries

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  • Concentrations of DDTs in human breast milk from Cambodia were notably higher than those from developed countries and comparable to those from other developing countries, where usage of DDT for agricultural and public health purposes has been suspected to be continuing still, implying the recent usage of DDT in Cambodia [22].
  • In this report the possibilities for the application of PVP-iodine-preparations in the developing countries in the treatment of wounds, including burns and in diseases of the mucous membrane, eyes, mouth and genital region are discussed [23].
  • Leukocyte esterase urine strips for the screening of men with urethritis--use in developing countries [24].
  • Thirdly, we conclude that in developing countries where BCG fails this is not because there is too little Th1 response, but rather because the Th1 response is rendered ineffective and immunopathological by other subversive mechanisms, including IL-4 responses and inappropriate regulatory T cell function [25].

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