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Transcriptional regulation of the yeast vacuolar aminopeptidase yscI encoding gene (APE1) by carbon sources.

Transcription of the vacuolar aminopeptidase yscI-encoding gene (APE1) is regulated by the carbon source used for yeast growth, responding to carbon catabolite repression. By Northern blot analyses, we determined the kinetics of glucose repression in growth-shift experiments. When added to induced cells, glucose leads to the disappearance of hybridizable aminopeptidase yscI RNA sequences within 30 min. However, the amount of inmunoreactive protein, once induced, is not affected by the addition of glucose. By deletion analysis of the fusion gene APE1-lacZ we have identified a number of strong regulatory regions in the APE1 promoter. Consensus sequences for the binding of yAP1 and the HAP2/HAP3/HAP4 complex are contained in those regions. Control of the APE1 gene expression is not mediated by the HXK2 regulatory gene, but a strain bearing a deletion in the CAT1 gene can not derepress APE1 transcription to wild-type levels.[1]


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