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DARPP-32 (dopamine and cAMP-regulated phosphoprotein, M(r) 32,000) is a membrane protein in the bovine parathyroid.

A distinct form of DARPP-32, a protein phosphatase-1 inhibitor, has been identified in bovine calf parathyroid glands. Immunoblot analysis of parathyroid tissue revealed a 32 kDa protein present predominantly in a particulate fraction; it remained particulate after treatment with 1.0 M NaCl or 0.1 M Na2CO3. Metabolic labeling of parathyroid cells with mevalonolactone demonstrated that DARPP-32 is isoprenylated. Immunocytochemical localization studies demonstrated that DARPP-32 is present in vesicles throughout the cytoplasm of parathyroid cells, and that protein phosphatase-1 gamma is concentrated in the region of the plasma membrane. Thus, in contrast to the predominately soluble form of DARPP-32 that has been characterized in selected areas of the central nervous system, the parathyroid form is tightly associated with intracellular membranes.[1]


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