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Amphotericin B treatment of Candida arthritis in two horses.

Infectious arthritis caused by Candida spp was diagnosed in 2 horses. Source of infection was by direct inoculation in 1 horse and was presumed to be hematogenous in the other horse. On microbial culturing of synovial fluid and synovial membrane specimens, the organisms were isolated in both horses. In both horses, the joint infections resolved after i.v. administration of amphotericin B and joint drainage; however, 1 horse was eventually euthanatized because of signs of cervical pain and progressively worsening ataxia. Fungal organisms isolated on microbial culturing of joint specimens in horses, although uncommon, should not be dismissed as contaminants, particularly if the same organism is recovered from more than 1 specimen. Successful resolution of fungal arthritis may be achieved with appropriate antifungal treatment, combined with joint drainage.[1]


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