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Prevalence of dental caries among Ethiopian emmigrants.

Studies have documented the prevalence of caries in developing countries. The current study adds to this body of knowledge. Of the total Ethiopian Jewish population who emmigrated to Israel in 1991, a sample of over 800 individuals was randomly selected representing all age groups. DMF-T and DMF-S scores were recorded, as well as percentages of caries free individuals. Results indicated that almost no fillings or crowns had been provided to the study population. The Missing 'M' component was low as was the Decay 'D' component, although this increased with increasing age, ranging from 0.33 D-T at the 0-12 age group to 2.46 at the 51+ age group. In the permanent dentition 88.4 per cent of those 0-12 years of age were caries free and 74.5 per cent were caries free in both the primary and permanent dentition. Almost 59 per cent of the 13-20 years olds were caries free and 32.8 per cent of those 21-50 years old. Only 16.7 per cent were caries free at age 51+ years old. The data indicate a relatively low prevalence of both coronal and root caries, and an effort has to be made to keep these figures low for years to come mainly by diet and dental health education.[1]


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