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Chromosomal localization and cDNA cloning of the human DBP and TEF genes.

We have isolated cDNA and genomic clones and determined the human chromosome positions of two genes encoding transcription factors expressed in the liver and the pituitary gland: albumin D-site-binding protein ( DBP) and thyrotroph embryonic factor (TEF). Both proteins have been identified as members of the PAR (proline and acidic amino acid-rich) subfamily of bZIP transcription factors in the rat, but human homologues have not been characterized. Using a fluorescence in situ hybridization technique, the DBP locus was assigned to chromosome 19q13, and TEF to chromosome 22q13. Each assignment was confirmed by means of human chromosome segregation in somatic cell hybrids. Coding sequences of DBP and TEF, extending beyond the bZIP domain to the PAR region, were highly conserved in both human-human and interspecies comparisons. Conservation of the exon-intron boundaries of each bZIP domain encoding exon suggested derivation from a common ancestral gene. DBP and TEF mRNAs were expressed in all tissues and cell lines examined, including brain, lung, liver, spleen, and kidney. Knowledge of the human chromosome locations of these PAR proteins will facilitate studies to assess their involvement in carcinogenesis and other fundamental biological processes.[1]


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