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Suppression of thermosensitive initiation of DNA replication in a dnaR mutant of Escherichia coli by a rifampin resistance mutation in the rpoB gene.

The thermosensitivity of the Escherichia coli dnaR130 mutant in initiation of DNA replication was suppressed by a spontaneous rifampin resistance mutation in rpoB, the gene for the beta subunit of RNA polymerase. Among the dnaR- suppressing rpoB alleles obtained was rpoB22, which was able to suppress the thermosensitivity of the dnaA46 or dnaA167 mutant, but not that of the dnaA5 mutant, in initiation of replication. Some dnaA- suppressing rpoB alleles obtained from rifampin-resistant derivatives of the dnaA mutants were able to suppress the dnaR defect. The dnaR mutant with the rpoB22 allele was deprived of thermoresistance by the dnaA5 mutation and of viability at low and high temperatures by the dnaA46 but not the dnaA167 mutation. The results show that the rpoB- mediated suppression of the dnaA or dnaR defect depends on the functions of both dnaA and dnaR products. I propose that the dnaR product has a key role in transcriptional activation of the replication origin for the dnaA-dependent initiation of DNA replication.[1]


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