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The in vivo activation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae plasma membrane H(+)-ATPase by ethanol depends on the expression of the PMA1 gene, but not of the PMA2 gene.

The expression of the PMA1 and PMA2 genes during Saccharomyces cerevisiae growth in medium with glucose plus increasing concentrations of ethanol was monitored by using PMA1-lacZ and PMA2-lacZ fusions and Northern blot hybridizations of total RNA probed with PMA1 gene. The presence of sub-lethal concentrations of ethanol enhanced the expression of PMA2 whereas it reduced the expression of PMA1. The inhibition of PMA1 expression by ethanol corresponded to a decrease in the content of plasma membrane ATPase as quantified by immunoassays. Although an apparent correspondence could exist between the increase of plasma membrane ATPase activity and the level of PMA2 expression, the maximal level of PMA2 expression remained about 200 times lower than PMA1. On the other hand, ethanol activated the plasma membrane H(+)-ATPase activity from a strain expressing only the PMA1 ATPase but did not activate that from a strain expressing only the PMA2 ATPase. These results provide evidence that in the presence of ethanol it is the PMA1 ATPase which is activated, probably by a post-translational mechanism and that the PMA2 ATPase is not involved.[1]


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