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Combined activity of interleukin-1 alpha or TNF-alpha and doxorubicin on multidrug resistant cell lines: evidence that TNF and DXR have synergistic antitumor and differentiation-inducing effects.

We report on the antiproliferative effects that interleukin-1 alpha ( IL-1) or TNF-alpha (TNF) in combination with doxorubicin (DXR) exert on DXR-sensitive (B16 melanoma, Friend, K562 and CCRF/CEM leukemias) and -resistant (B16-DXR, FLC-DXR, K562-DXR) cell lines in vitro. Multidrug resistance (MDR) of the latter lines entails cross-resistance to vincristine and overexpression of P-glycoprotein. Il-1 showed only a very marginal growth inhibitory activity and the effects of its combination with DXR were essentially additive in all the cell lines, except in chemosensitive B16, where a slight synergism occurred. TNF demonstrated greater antiproliferative activity in the MDR B16 and Friend tumors than in their parent variants. The combination of TNF and DXR produced synergistic growth inhibition in B16, K562 and, particularly, also in the MDR sublines of these two tumors. In addition, TNF and DXR induced synergistically erythroid differentiation in K562 and multidirectional differentiation in K562-DXR. The synergism was critically schedule-dependent in that it was achieved only when DXR application preceded or was simultaneous with that of TNF. Finally, TNF did not modify drug accumulation and retention in the cells. Our present findings stress especially the fact that DXR and TNF may exert useful antitumor synergism even in MDR lines; however, it is not likely that their interaction will occur at the specific MDR process level.[1]


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