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Correlation of polymorphic expression of CYP2D6 mRNA in bladder mucosa and tumor tissue to in vivo debrisoquine hydroxylase activity.

Debrisoquine hydroxylase activity has been attributed to CYP2D6 and poor metabolizers of debrisoquine have a reduced relative risk of developing aggressive bladder cancer. Production of a proximate carcinogen could occur in liver or bladder mucosa. However, it is not known if CYP2D6 is expressed in human bladder mucosa. In vivo whole body debrisoquine hydroxylase activity was measured as the debrisoquine recovery ratio (DBRR) following single dose oral administration of debrisoquine (10 mg) in 10 normal subjects and 20 patients with bladder cancer prior to diagnostic cystoscopy. Semi-quantitative PCR was used to measure mRNA for CYP2D6 in bladder tissue obtained at cystoscopy. Of the 30 subjects, three were phenotypically and genotypically poor metabolizers. Among the extensive metabolizers, there were extensive intersubject variations in DBRR. A 10-fold variation in CYP2D6 mRNA levels was observed in bladder tissue. There was a highly significant association between DBRR and CYP2D6 mRNA expression (r2 = 0.702, P < 0.001). These results demonstrate the presence of CYP2D6 mRNA in bladder mucosa. Furthermore, they are consistent with debrisoquine hydroxylation being mediated by CYP2D6 and suggest that differences in mRNA concentration are rate limiting for enzyme activity and that bladder mucosal regulation reflects total body regulation for this enzyme. The expression of CYP2D6 in bladder mucosa suggests that this enzyme could be involved in the local production of a proximate carcinogen in this tissue and contribute to the pathogenesis of bladder cancer in man.[1]


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