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cAMP responsive element-mediated regulation of the gene transcription of the alpha 1B adrenergic receptor by thyrotropin.

To elucidate the molecular mechanism of the stimulatory effect of thyrotropin on the gene regulation of alpha 1B adrenergic receptor in functioning rat thyroid (FRTL-5) cells, we established a competitive reverse-transcriptase (RT) polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and nuclear run-off assay to quantify changes in mRNA levels and transcription rates. A binding assay showed that FRTL-5 cells predominantly expressed alpha 1B adrenergic receptor and that thyrotropin increased its expression sevenfold. By means of RT-PCR, we found that thyrotropin induced an 11-fold increase in alpha 1B receptor mRNA abundance. The nuclear run-off assay demonstrated that thyrotropin caused a ninefold increase at the gene transcriptional level, which occurred in the presence of the protein synthesis inhibitor cycloheximide. The half-life of the alpha 1B receptor mRNA in cells incubated with thyrotropin for 1 h increased 1.5-fold but returned to the original value after 12 h. Dibutyryl cAMP and forskolin mimicked the stimulatory effects of thyrotropin on the gene transcriptional level. The 5'-flanking region of the rat alpha 1B receptor gene contained a putative cAMP responsive element (CRE) at nucleotide -438 relative to the translation start site. The promoter analysis using the reporter gene indicated that the CRE motif confers the cAMP sensitivity to the transcription of the rat alpha 1B receptor gene. These results demonstrated that a CRE-mediated mechanism is involved in the transcriptional regulation of the alpha 1B receptor gene by thyrotropin without requiring new protein synthesis.[1]


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