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Cloning and sequencing of the Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) cytochrome c oxidase subunit III gene (coxIII) and analysis of coxIII expression during parr-smolt transformation.

Smoltification is the process whereby salmon alter their metabolism in preparation for movement from freshwater to seawater. Differential screening of a cDNA library prepared from post-smolt salmon liver mRNA led to the selection of a smoltification-induced sequence. Analysis of this cDNA revealed that it partially encoded subunit III of the enzyme cytochrome c oxidase. The complete coxIII sequence was amplified from salmon genomic DNA using consensus oligonucleotides based on ATPase 6 and tRNA(GLY) sequences from Pacific salmonid species. Cytochrome c oxidase subunit III liver mRNA levels were found to be significantly increased in salmon smolts. Northern blot analysis revealed a coxIII transcript of approximately 750 bp in all salmon tissues tested except blood. The DNA sequence of coxIII employs the mammalian mitochondrial genetic code and is strongly conserved when compared with that of other species.[1]


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