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Distinct and overlapping ligand specificities of the alpha 3A beta 1 and alpha 6A beta 1 integrins: recognition of laminin isoforms.

The ligand specificity of the alpha 3A beta 1 integrin was analyzed using K562 cells transfected with full-length alpha 3A cDNA and was compared with that of alpha 6A beta 1 in similarly transfected K562 cells. Clones were obtained that showed comparable surface expression of either alpha 3A beta 1 or alpha 6A beta 1 integrins. Those expressing alpha 3A beta 1 attached to and spread on immunopurified human kalinin and cellular matrices containing human kalinin, which is a particular isoform of laminin. In addition, alpha 3A transfectants adhered to bovine kidney laminins possessing a novel A chain variant. Binding to kalinin was blocked by a monoclonal antibody against the A chain constituent of kalinin and adhesion to both kalinin and kidney laminins by anti-alpha 3 and beta 1 monoclonal antibodies. The alpha 3A transfected cells bound more strongly to kalinin and bovine kidney laminins after treatment with the beta 1 stimulatory antibody TS2/16. A distinctly weaker and activation-dependent adhesion of alpha 3A transfectants was observed on human placental laminins possessing the Am chain variant (merosin), and no adhesion occurred on bovine heart laminins and murine EHS tumor laminin. Further inactive substrates were fibronectin, nidogen, and collagen types IV and VI, indicating that the alpha 3A beta 1 integrin is a much less promiscuous receptor than thought before. By contrast, alpha 6A transfected cells adhered to all laminin isoforms when stimulated with TS2/16. Adhesion also occurred only on bovine kidney laminins in the absence of TS2/16. These results demonstrate that both alpha 3A beta 1 and alpha 6A beta 1 integrins are typical laminin receptors but that their affinity and activation dependence for binding to various laminin isoforms differ considerably.[1]


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