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Inhibition of macrophage Ia expression by nitric oxide.

Bacterial LPS inhibits the expression of Ia by macrophages stimulated by IFN-gamma. We now present the following observations that suggest a causal relationship between nitric oxide (NO) and this inhibition of Ia expression: 1) NO production precedes inhibition of Ia, 2) the ability of LPS to inhibit Ia expression by IFN-gamma stimulated macrophages is correlated in a dose-dependent fashion with NO production, 3) Ia expression is restored if NO production is inhibited by NG-monomethyl-L-arginine or culturing the macrophages in L-arginine-free medium, and 4) exogenous NO inhibits IFN-gamma-stimulated Ia expression. Taken together these experiments indicate that NO inhibits macrophage expression of Ia. Furthermore, the following studies showed that inhibition of Ia by NO was not due to macrophage death: trypan blue exclusion, macrophage adhesion, conversion of the tetrazolium dye (MTT) to its formazan by a functioning electron transport system, and phagocytosis of IgG opsonized SRBCs. By inhibiting Ia expression, NO may inhibit Ag-presentation to T cells, secretion of IFN-gamma by these T cells, and ultimately inhibit the IFN-gamma-dependent production of NO synthetase. This inhibitory mechanism may prevent excessive NO formation and tissue injury.[1]


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