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Effect of staurosporine derivatives on protein kinase activity and vinblastine accumulation in mouse leukaemia P388/ADR cells.

Inhibition by staurosporine derivatives of cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinase ( A-kinase) and protein kinase C (C-kinase), and drug resistance has been investigated. The substitution of an acetyl or an ethoxycarbonyl group for the amine N-ethoxycarbonyl-7-oxostaurosporine moiety on the tetrahydropyran ring of staurosporine decreased inhibition of both protein kinases, but increased selectivity for C-kinase by further modification of the lactam moiety to the imide (NA-382). The activities of SF-2370 on protein kinases were decreased by decarboxylation and hydroxyalkylation. These staurosporine derivatives enhanced accumulation of vinblastine in adriamycin-resistant P388 (P388/ADR) cells in a dose-dependent manner. The potency for the drug accumulation of these compounds was correlated with their inhibitory activity on the drug efflux, but was not correlated with their activity on protein kinases. Staurosporine and NA-382, with high potency for vinblastine accumulation, inhibited the photolabelling of [3H]azidopine on 140 kDa P-glycoprotein in the plasma membrane. The tetrahydrofuran compounds and NA-357, which had low potency for the drug accumulation, hardly interacted with azidopine on P-glycoprotein. Most of these compounds were highly cytotoxic by themselves, and only NA-382 was less cytotoxic among them and completely reversed the vinblastine-resistance of P388/ADR cells at a non-cytotoxic concentration. These results suggest that staurosporine derivatives can enhance drug accumulation and inhibit drug resistance through their direct action on the P-glycoprotein.[1]


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