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Analysis of the promoter of the human prostatic acid phosphatase gene.

From the analysis of two overlapping cosmid clones prepared from human genomic DNA libraries, a contig of 44 kb containing a 5' portion of the PAP gene and 17 kb of the upstream region was established. It was characterized by restriction mapping and sequence analysis of 2.5 kb upstream of the initiation codon. Two major transcription initiation sites were found to be located around 56 and 91 bp upstream of the initiation codon, as determined by nuclease S1 and primer extension mapping. Expression of the PAP gene was measured by Northern blots in the androgen responsive LNCaP cell line. It was found to be induced 2-3-fold by the addition of the synthetic androgen mibolerone to the cells. The induced mRNA levels were approx. 10-times lower than those for the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) in LNCaP cells.[1]


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