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Hypothalamic neuropeptide-Y gene expression increases before the onset of the ovarian steroid-induced luteinizing hormone surge.

Neuropeptide-Y ( NPY), a hypothalamic peptide, is involved in stimulation of LHRH and LH surges during proestrus and those induced by ovarian steroids in ovariectomized (ovx) rats. The NPY neurons that reside in the arcuate nucleus of the medial basal hypothalamus (MBH) and accumulate 17 beta-estradiol participate in the initiation of LHRH and LH surges. To determine whether NPY synthesis is altered in conjunction with the LH surge, we studied the dynamic changes in prepro- NPY mRNA levels in the MBH in association with the LH surge elicited by estradiol benzoate (EB) alone or by progesterone ( P) in EB-primed ovx rats. Five days after ovariectomy, rats received oil or EB (30 micrograms/rat) at 1000 h on day 0. On day 2, these rats were injected with either oil or P (2 mg/rat) at 1000 h. Rats were killed before (1000 h) and at 2-h intervals after oil or P injection. The MBHs were dissected out and processed for determination of prepro- NPY mRNA levels by solution hybridization/RNase protection assay using a cRNA probe. Although in control ovx rats, prepro- NPY mRNA levels remained unchanged between 1000-1600 h, prepro- NPY mRNA levels showed dynamic changes in steroid-primed rats. In the EB-primed rats, prepro- NPY mRNA levels rose significantly (100%) at 1200 and 1400 h before the LH rise at 1600 h, and the levels remained elevated up to 1800 h. After P injection to the EB-primed rats, this response was further augmented, with a slightly different temporal pattern. Prepro- NPY mRNA levels rose at 1400 h (600%) before the onset of the LH rise at 1600 h and declined steadily to significantly lower values at 1800 h, coincident with the highest rate of LH secretion. These studies demonstrate dynamic shifts in hypothalamic NPY gene expression in association with the LH (LHRH) surge, and that maximal increases occur before the onset of the LH rise, but thereafter, NPY gene expression diverged in the two ovarian-steroid treatment models. These findings along with previous evidence of similar antecedent increases in NPY content in the median eminence, followed by release, suggest that augmented NPY synthesis and release are two temporally dissociable neural events for the LHRH and LH surges.[1]


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