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Sequencing and functional analysis of a 32,560 bp segment on the left arm of yeast chromosome II. Identification of 26 open reading frames, including the KIP1 and SEC17 genes.

We report here the DNA sequence of a segment (alpha 1006.13: YBLO5) of chromosome II of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, extending over 32.5 kb. The segment contains 26 open reading frames (ORFs) from YBLO501 to YBLO526. YBL0505 corresponds to the SEC17 gene and YBL0521 to the KIP1 gene. YBL0516 contains an intron, YBL0513 shows homology with the RAT protein phosphatase and YBL0526 contains a zinc-finger motif. Disruption of 14 genes by insertion of a URA3 cassette has been performed and these mutants were analysed for their mating and sporulation ability, and for their growth on different carbon sources. YBL0515 and YBL0526 ORFs seem to be involved in the sporulation process.[1]


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