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Dentine hypersensitivity: a clinical trial to compare 2 strontium densensitizing toothpastes with a conventional fluoride toothpaste.

A considerable number of varied agents are apparently effective in the treatment of dentine hypersensitivity. In particular, the literature supports the efficacy of fluoride and strontium containing formulations. Despite this, comparisons between strontium products are relatively few in number and surprisingly there are almost no evaluations of these products against "bench mark," conventional commercial fluoride toothpastes. This study was a double-blind parallel group comparison of two strontium-based desensitizing toothpaste products and a conventional fluoride product in the treatment of dentine hypersensitivity. A total of 119 patients completed the 12-week study and from them, sensitivity gradings were obtained at baseline, 1, 4, 8, and 12 weeks. Sensitivity was scored in response to cold air, a thermal probe at 0 degree C, and scratching with a dental probe. Patients also graded their overall sensitivity at each visit, using a visual analogue scale and the effects of treatment on completion. Plaque and gingivitis indices were recorded at each visit. There was an overall and progressive reduction in all sensitivity parameters in the 3 groups with no significant differences between the treatments. Plaque and gingivitis scores were already relatively low in this patient group at baseline but improved further as the study continued. The improvements, however, were comparable in the 3 groups. Under the conditions of this clinical trial the 2 desensitizing toothpastes showed similar reductions, but no greater than that observed in the conventional fluoride toothpaste. There is perhaps the need for further evaluations of desensitizing formulations using conventional fluoride products as controls rather than minus active or placebo formulations.[1]


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