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Mutation His322Asn in human acetylcholinesterase does not alter electrophoretic and catalytic properties of the erythrocyte enzyme.

The YT blood group antigen is located on human red blood cell (RBC) acetylcholinesterase. Wild-type acetylcholinesterase, YT1, has histidine at codon 322, whereas the genetic variant of acetylcholinesterase, YT2, has asparagine. This mutation is located within exon 2 of the ACHE gene, an exon that is present in all alternatively spliced forms of acetylcholinesterase. Therefore, acetylcholinesterase in brain and muscle has the same mutation as RBC acetylcholinesterase. We compared the electrophoretic and kinetic properties of RBC acetylcholinesterases having His 322 or Asn 322. We found no differences in the isoelectric point, mobility on non-denaturing gel electrophoresis, affinity for acetylthiocholine, activity per milligram of RBC ghost protein, substrate inhibition constants, binding to the peripheral site ligand (propidium), and binding to active site ligands (tetrahydroaminoacridine and edrophonium). Thus, although the point mutation elicits antibody production in nonmatching blood transfusion recipients, it has no effect on the enzymatic properties of acetylcholinesterase.[1]


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