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Blood Transfusion

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Associations of Blood Transfusion with chemical compounds

  • Antibodies to cephalothin sodium (Keflin) can be transferred passively via whole blood transfusion [31].
  • Widespread adoption of pre-transplant blood transfusion and increasing use of cyclosporin will probably contribute to the further lessening of the centre effect which has already been observed over the past few years [32].
  • 16 patients underwent acute hypervolaemic haemodilution with dextran 40 and Ringers lactate, to see whether this procedure could avoid preoperative blood transfusion [33].
  • Subcutaneous desferrioxamine (2--4 g over 12 h) was administered 6 nights each week to 34 patients with transfusional iron overloads who continued to receive regular blood-transfusions [2].
  • Our investigations suggested that the centre variation in acute rejection was influenced by blood transfusion and the variation in mortality by steroid dose and recipient age [32].

Gene context of Blood Transfusion

  • The question as to whether or not such variables as HLA-A, B, and DR match and sex, the number of pretransplant blood transfusions, and the degree of presensitization, etc. predispose to the development of donor-specific CML nonreactivity was studied as well [34].
  • Individuals possessing the Nak(a)-negative phenotype do not express CD36 and risk developing anti-CD36 isoantibodies upon blood transfusion or during pregnancy [35].
  • In addition, serum markers of immune activation (TNF, sCD23, sCD25) correlated directly with the annual blood transfusion requirement [36].
  • This study was designed to identify HLA-DRB1 alleles associated with predisposition to Jk(a) immunization after blood transfusion or pregnancy [37].
  • CONCLUSION: A DRB1-matched blood transfusion shows improvement of symptoms in several RA patients [38].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Blood Transfusion


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