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Somatic cell hybridization of mouse myeloma cells.

Somatic cell hybrides between different mouse myeloma cell lines have been readili isolated using modifications of existing techniques. The hybrid nature of these cells was established by HAT or HAT-ouabain selective procedures, their chromosome number, and, in one case, H-2 surface antifen expression. Three hybrid cell lines are described here in detail: an IgG2B, K X LgG2a, k; an IgG1, k X IgG2b, k; and an IgG1, k X IgM, Lambda. In all cases, both parental types of H and L chains are expressed in the hybrid cells and no new chains are observed. However, molecules possessing disulfide-bonded mixtures of parental H and/or L chains are seen. Analysis of subclones of these hybrids indicates considerable stability in the expression of the immunoglobulins for up to 13 months. However, segregant clones no longer synthesizing one or more of the parental H or L chains arise frequently.[1]


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