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purU, a source of formate for purT-dependent phosphoribosyl-N-formylglycinamide synthesis.

A gene designated purU has been identified and characterized. purU is adjacent to tyrT at min 27.7 on the Escherichia coli chromosome. The gene codes for a 280-amino-acid protein. The C-terminal segment of PurU from residues 84 to 280 exhibits 27% identity with 5'-phosphoribosylglycinamide (GAR) transformylase, the product of purN. Primer extension mapping and assays of lacZ in a promoter probe vector identified two promoters giving mono- and bi-cistronic purU mRNA. Neither mRNA was regulated by purines. Mutations in either of two pairs of genes are required to block synthesis of 5'-phosphoribosyl-N-formylglycinamide (FGAR) from GAR: purN purT ( purT encodes an alternative formate-dependent GAR transformylase) or purN purU. On the basis of the growth of purU, purN, and purU purN mutants, it appears that PurU provides the major source of formate for the purT-dependent synthesis of FGAR.[1]


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